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Setting up Voting

How to setup Votifier on your Server

Bungee Server

You'll require NuVotifier or another voting plugin to be installed on your Bungee server.

Restart your Bungee Server and a NuVotifier folder should be created.

After you'll need to open a Port on Bungee via Network on the Panel and also for the Sub-Servers.

Click Create Allocation and copy the new port.

This must be a new port, you cannot use a port twice.

Copy the port and head back to the NuVotifier folder on Bungee and inside the config, paste in the port you copied from the bungee server.

The IP can be left as it is

Change method to proxy in the config.

Once done, go all the way down until you see Proxy and then add the Sub-servers of where you want the vote / reward to be forwarded too.

To get the token, you need to install NuVotifier and Reward Plugin if needed, on the sub server and restart it.

Once restarted a folder called Votifier should be created in the plugins folder of the Sub-server, go into it's config and set it's port to the one that has been made for Sub-Servers.

Afterwards copy the token and head back to bungee and paste it there.

Restart your servers.

Spigot Server

You'll need to use NuVotifier or another voting plugin and a Reward Plugin if you wish to add rewards to voting.

Install the plugin(s) to your plugins folder.

Restart the server.
Create a port in the Network tab on the panel.

Copy the port, and enter it in the Votifier plugin folder and inside it's config paste the port and leave the IP as it is

Set the method to none then restart the server.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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