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Setting up Geyser

What is Gesyer and why should I use it?
Geyser is a Minecraft plugin that allows Bedrock (console) players to connect, and play with Java (PC) edition players on the same Minecraft server.

How do I install Geyser on my server?
Before doing anything, you'll first need to ensure you've got a port available for Geyser to use- if you're not familiar with creating additional ports on your server, please see this guide.

First things first, you'll need to download Geyser from their official website making sure to download the jar that corresponds with your server type. So for example, if you're running Bungeecord then download the one ending -Bungeecord.

Once downloaded, simply upload the jar file to your server's plugins folder and restart. After the server has fully restarted, head over to the Geyser config file (/plugins/Geyser-xxx/config.yml), change the port property to your additional allocation you created earlier and restart the server once more. Now you and your bedrock players can play on your server using your additional allocation IP and port!

Cracked Players Support

If your Server is supporting Cracked Players, then you'll have to download an additional plugin to be installed along with Geyser.

The plugin is called floodgate, you can find it through this link .

If you are on Bungeecord then download this one:

How ever if you are on a spigot server, then download this one:

Once installed, restart your server and head over towards Geyser's config, and change the auth-type from online to floodgate.

Once done, restart your server and you're good to go.

For bedrock players to log in, they need Your Server's IP + Geyser's Opened Port.

Updated on: 07/09/2022