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How to setup a Daily Backup schedule

Revivenode highly encourages all clients to setup a daily backup schedule for their service(s) as not only is it a good practice but it absolutely free for all plans. In the event you delete the wrong file or someone corrupts your worlds, you can easily rollback to a save that was made within the last 24 hours.

Please note, the Game Panel backup system doesn't currently backup databases.

Go to your service's Advanced -> Schedules tab and click the Create schedule button. Enter Daily Backup (or any other name of your choice) in the Schedule Name box and put 0 for both Minute and Hour, this will make the schedule run at midnight for the EST timezone.

You can of course make this run more or less frequently depending on your preference. For example, setting the Hour to * will make the schedule run every hour.

Once you've given it a sensible name and set the frequency, click Create schedule and a schedule should now appear on your schedule list. Click on that schedule and select New Task and change the default Send command action to Create backup then click Create Task.

If you've done the above correctly, your service will now be automatically creating backups every day at midnight in the Tools -> Backups tab of your service.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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