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How to setup a custom IP

A custom domain allows you to have a professional looking domain such as or

Go to your NameCheap dashboard.
Select your domain and click Manage.

Click Advanced DNS.

With a dedicated IP:
If you have a dedicated IP, you are not required to make a SRV record, as you have Minecraft Java's default port.

Press Add New Record, then select A Record.

In the Host box, type @ if you want it to be just your domain, or you can put play/mc if you wish for that to be the domain prefix (
In the IP Address box, type your Minecraft server's IP (without the port).

Finally press the green tick.

If you put a @ in the A record, you should use the first one, if you used play/mc/anything else, you need to use the second one.

This can take up to 2 hours to update and start working!

Updated on: 01/05/2023

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