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How to set yourself as an Admin on your Palworld Server

Stop your server.
Set an "Admin Password" in the Settings tab of your server.

Start your server, join, and then run /AdminPassword your_admin_password. You should now be an authenticated admin.

Now that you're authenticated as an Admin, here are all the commands you can access:
/infoShows server's information.
/showplayersShows information on all online players.
/saveSaves the world data.
/TelepeortToMe [SteamId]Teleports the specified player to you.
/broadcast [message]Sends a message to all online players.
/kickplayer [SteamId]Kicks the player from the server.
/banplayer [SteamId]Bans the player from the server.
/shutdown [seconds] [message]Shuts down the server after the specified time, with players getting sent the message in chat.
/doexitStops the server immediately, no warning.

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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