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How to install and setup NamelessMC

NamelessMC is free and open source CMS made for Minecraft server owners. It is a public forums software,

First you're going to want to install the files. Click here for the link.
You can chose either pre-release or recommended. We are going to use pre-release, as it is more advanced.
Go the the website panel and click File Manager., you can use FTP, however the File Manager is quicker.
Go the the public_html, you may already have the default files there, if so, delete them.
Go to the left and press Upload Files, and select the file you downloaded and press upload.

Select the compressed file and click extract.

Choose the directory.

You should then see this, you can now delete the compressed file.

You are then going to move all the files to the main public_html directory, you can then delete the nameless folder.

NamelessMC requires a database. All web hosting plans come with at least one free database. Go to the web panel.
Then click MySQL Management.

Proceed to create your database.

Save this information, you will need it.

Go to your domain. You should see this screen, press New Installation.

Skip past this, and press Proceed.

If you followed our Setup guide you can leave Installation Path blank.

Fill in the database information from before, use for Database Address.

It will then, if connected, move on to website configuration.

Then create your first admin account.
If you followed the setup guide, press No.

Updated on: 03/04/2021

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