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Adding Plugins

Plugins are what servers use to add features such NPCs, holograms, non-vanilla features and more without players having to download mods. You can easily install plugins by downloading your desired plugins from sites such as SpigotMC, BuiltByBit or Bukkit just to name a few websites and upload the downloaded jar file(s) into the plugins folder of your server.

Your service must be running a server jar that supports plugins such as Paper, run pl in your server's console and if you get an output similar to Plugins (0): then your server supports plugins. If you do not get a similar output, please see this guide for installing a custom server jar such as Paper.

Once you've upload the plugins you wanted and restarted your server, you can run pl in your server's console to see if they've loaded successfully. If the plugin is listed in a green colour, then the plugin loaded successfully and if it's either red or isn't listed, that means there was an error during the server's startup that prevented the plugin from loading successfully.

If a plugin has failed to load, it is highly like you've not uploaded another plugin which the plugin you desired requires or the version of the plugin you downloaded doesn't support your server's version. Look through the /logs/latest.log file for the most recent console output where errors are typically logged.

Below is an example of a plugin requiring another plugin to load. WorldGuard, commonly used for protecting worlds, requires WorldEdit (another plugin) to run.
Could not load 'plugins/worldguard-bukkit-7.0.8-beta-01-dist.jar' in folder 'plugins'
org.bukkit.plugin.UnknownDependencyException: Unknown/missing dependency plugins: [WorldEdit]. Please download and install these plugins to run 'WorldGuard'.

Below is an example of a plugin that doesn't support the server version.
[Citizens] v2.0.30-SNAPSHOT (build 2888) is not compatible with Minecraft v1_19_R1 - try upgrading Minecraft or Citizens. Disabling...

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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